Gacha Box
Using BUSD, gacha boxes can be purchased from the Anito Legends Marketplace to form an Anito team. In the future, $LARO tokens will be used. Anitos from gacha boxes will have random stats.
Genesis Anito NFT's can be bought from the Anito Legends marketplace as well as other upcoming NFT launchpads. There are three tiers of NFTs namely Common, Epic, and Legendary. The main difference among the three tiers is the rate of unlock of Charm Slots. Common Anitos take 30 days to unlock a slot, Epic Anitos take 20 days, while Legendary Anitos only take 10 days. Charms are special equipment that add new layers of gameplay, especially in PVP.
Rumors around Lupa tell of sightings of four lost deities. Within the 'Mga Sina Una' set are four powerful one-of-a-kind Ancient Anitos with special animated body parts that are totally unique! These special NFT's are only available in the Legendary Gacha Box.
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