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Check out the #AnitoCast
The AnitoCast is our regular live stream event where we get to talk to our Discord community and reveal new features and updates about the development process.
Our first AnitoCast was held on January 15 2022. We introduced ourselves to the community and showed off some beta footage. This was also in preparation for the closed beta test where we exceeded sign ups by 200%.
Apart from the AnitoCast, the team has also been involved in a number of AMA's with their respective VC community partners.
You can watch the first AnitoCast here:
Anito Legeds Combat Trailer
The team wanted a soundtrack that could complement the tribal folklore that many Filipinos have read about for decades. For this project we enlisted the help of Myth_OS, composed of industry veterans Malek Lopez & Juan Miguel Sobrepena. The duo is involved with crafting a huge part of the in-game musical experience.
Alpha Trailer (October 2021)
For posterity, here is the original trailer released in October 2021.
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