Welcome to Anito Legends
Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic turn-based auto-battler wherein you are tasked to assemble a team of Anitos, customize their equipment & go on an adventure or battle against other players.
Here is a quick overview of Anito Legends with focus on the combat mechanics
Only a privileged few know about Lupa, a land of vast plains, lush forests, deep and clear bodies of water, and unscalable mountains that house deep caverns. Its residents were called Anitos, creatures that were reflections of the very best parts of the land.
When Lupa was new, all the Anitos lived in peace, helping each other and sharing in the land’s bounty.
But some leaders grew selfish. They wanted to rule over Lupa and keep its treasures for themselves.They secretly banded together, calling themselves Dilim, and when the time was right, attacked their fellow Anitos. It was a massacre.
The Dilim stole riches and treasures, locking them away in towers built in the most dangerous parts of the land. These fortresses are impossible to penetrate, and are guarded by fierce soldiers loyal only to their evil and corrupt masters.
Lupa fell into ruin. Its remaining Anito residents scattered, forming tribes that lived off the scarred landscape.
Not all of the defeated Anitos accepted their fate. Some of them still dream of recovering what was stolen from their ancestors. They began to train as fighters, magicians, and thieves. They banded together and attacked the tower fortresses where Dilim leaders guarded their treasure.
Sometimes they won. Sometimes they didn’t. But they never gave up, because they know that the fate of Lupa rests with them.
Anito Legends will be available on web browser, Android and iOS devices.
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