Rite of Ipa-Likha

Craft NFT weapons with the Rite of Ipa Likha! After burning your Anitos with the Rite of Ipa-Alam, you can receive crafting materials that can be used alongside other in-game items to forge 'Imbued' versions of many Legendary weapons.

These imbued weapons can be fully customized with aesthetic parts so you can mix and match their look before crafting. These aesthetic parts drop all around your adventures in Lupa but some exclusive parts will also be available to guilds, community events, and brand tie-ups.

Please refer to the chart below on the first 16 NFT weapons available. The 'Base Equipment' means that this is the number of weapons that need to be crafted first to forge the Imbued weapon.

Imbued weapons are more powerful version of Anito equipment and because they are on the blockchain, they can be traded in our in-house Equipment Marketplace. They are the only way to access the upcoming Sky Tower and will also have a level requirement for use. We will be introducing new game mechanics for these Imbued weapons down the line.

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