Arena Mode
Players can test the might and skill level of their Anito teams by battling other players for high stake rewards. Players are ranked on an online Leaderboard based using a matchmaking ranking system.
In Arena Mode, you are matched against another (human) player of the same level and experience and battle it out for fantastic rewards and a prestigious spot in the Anito Legends Leaderboards.
To beat your opponent, you will have to form your own Anito Team, equip them with weapons, armors and shields and send them off to battle. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. There are a lot of strategies involved, which you will learn as you gain battle experience.
Here are some basic tips to winning in Arena:
Know the meta. Remember that each Anito class is either strong or weak against another class. If you see that the ladder is filled with Sarangays (for example), bringing in a team of Tikbalangs will give you a huge advantage because Tikbalangs have +10% ATK damage to Sarangays.
Have a strategy. Do you focus on ATK? Or do you bring a team which has high DEF and HP? Sometimes it's good to have a strong Anito which can be used as a "tank" to shield your team from attackers while your other Anitos chip away at the opponent's team gradually.
Always have fun! Of course, winning is more fun and losing sucks. Don't get tilted when you lose a series of matches. Take a break, come back later and try again. Remember, Anito Legends is still a game and we designed it mainly for fun and entertainment.
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