$GINTO + Play and Earn

$GINTO is the reward token for Anito Legends.


We have implemented a huge change to the way players can convert Perlas to GINTO. You can check out this blog post for more information.

As of April 5 2023, players will be able to use a maximum of 10 Anting-Anting per day per transaction, where one Anting-Anting equals player level in $GINTO.

For instance, a level 20 player with 10 Anting-Anting can transfer a maximum of 200 $GINTO in one day. A level 40 player with 10 Anting-Anting can transfer 400 $GINTO in one day. A level 30 player with 5 Anting-Anting can transfer 150 $GINTO on that day. This change is being implemented to mitigate gas fees and to give players a better sense of rewards as we implement more in-game purchases. They can use $GINTO to buy the in-game premium currency, Black Pearls.

Play and Earn launches Jan 25 2023

This feature is officially launched today, Jan 25, 2023 after our maintenance (1PM to 7PM GMT+8) and is available to all players who have created an account before Jan 31 2023. If you’re reading this before the month’s end, you can still make the cut. ‘Play and Earn’ unlocks for players after they have reached an in-game level of 20. Note that players who make the deadline but have not yet reached level 20 are still eligible; they just need to reach that level in order to unlock the feature.

As of beta, the maximum cash out that can occur is pegged at 20 GINTO per day.

Players will need an ‘Anting Anting’ which is an in-game item that can be farmed by defeating Adventure Mode bosses. As of beta, only one ‘Anting Anting’ will drop per day. Players will also have the option to buy these tokens from the marketplace.

A final note: as we launch the ‘play and earn’ feature on beta, we would like to remind the community that Anito Legends should not be treated as an investment opportunity. We grew the community by launching new game features and events, not with the promises of riches. Again, this is not an investment opportunity nor is it an invitation to invest. The team is not promising riches by playing this game. Anito Legends is a video game with some blockchain features that is to be enjoyed for its own sake. Good luck and have fun!

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