The Halloween Update (Oct 2022)

The Anitos get a spooky October facelift!

The spooky season is here and Anito Legends is celebrating the occasion with a Halloween update! Check out the new lobby, NPC, Ghost armor, and additions to the Charm system in v0.4.4!

For the rest of October until November 2, the whole Anito Legends lobby has been decked out for Halloween! We’ve got some decorative pumpkins, bats flying around, and a new NPC so be sure to hang around the area to spot all the shiny new things!

New Wakwak NPC

Our new Wakwak character will be sharing news and updates from the Anito Legends team! She’s our resident storyteller who brings in the latest scoop for all our players!

BUT! She also doesn’t have a name yet, and we have an ongoing community contest to help give her a name and a compelling story!

New Haunted Equipment

We’ve also added ten (10) new Legendary Haunted seasonal equipment! Blueprints are now available in Nino’s Shop and will be part of the rotation until the Halloween Season ends. Haunted Equipments are all zero weight and have special abilities!

The new Legendary gear are called the Haunted weapons and armor. Their blueprints can be purchased at Nino’s Shop.

Read more about the Halloween Update here

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