Stones and Tickets

Anito Legends will implement a unique system for in-game sinks. These are the shards and stones systems that will allow players to cash out as well as summon their Anitos.

Summoning Stones

Anito Legends' breeding system is called 'summoning' -- more specifically, the Rite of Ipa Tawag. Players will need to make use of two Anitos to summon a new Anito into battle. To be able to do this, players must grind or pay for summoning stones, which are essentially tickets to summon new Anitos.

Accompanying the summoning stones are shards that can help affect the RNG of the summoned Anito. Shards can affect stats and class.

Cash Out Ticket

Unlike other play-to-earn games with set dates for cashing out, Anito Legends implements a ticket system that needs to be earned in order to cash out. Players will be able to grind / construct a ticket that allows them to liquidate their $GINTO. This is advantageous to the game's ecosystem because it highlights the "play" portion and encourages players to hold on to their tokens. The team is also implementing a battle pass system with cash out tokens as rewards.

Other Sinks

The game implements sinks that can be bought from Nino or Dwendel stores, but can also be received as item drops and rewards for clearing levels or purchasing the battle pass. These are quality of life conveniences for players pressed for time.

Level Cap for Earnings

Maximum daily earnings are affected by the level of the player. Higher level players increase their maximum daily amount. This will encourage people to play more.

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