Summoning Anitos

The Rite of Ipa Tawag is the summoning / breeding feature of Anito Legends

The 10,000 strong 'Sina Una' need the assistance of other Anitos from far away. Hence they invoke the Rite of Ipa Tawag to call forth new allies into battle.

Summoning Mechanics

  • Log into the website to access The Rite of Ipa Tawag

  • Two Anitos are needed to summon a new ally

  • Duende cannot summon nor be summoned

  • Every Anito can only summon a maximum of three times

  • Summoning will take 120 hours or 5 days

  • Anitos in the summoning process CAN STILL be used in-game

  • Summoning Stones are required to initiate the Rite of Ipa Tawag

    • The number of Summoning Stones increases by one stone dependent on the number of times an Anito has summoned (Scenario: Tikbalang has (0/3) summons while Kiwig has (1/3) summons. Tikbalang will need 1 stone while Kiwig will need 2 stones for a total of 3 stones).

  • A maximum of two additional stones can be added to affect rarity, class, or stats:

    • Class Stone - increase chance to summon a particular class (Kiwig / Sarangay / Siyokoy / Tikbalang)

    • Rarity Stone - increase chance to summon an Anito of higher rarity

    • Stats Stone - increase a particular stat by 25% (HP / Defense / Attack)

Summoning % Chart


How will I know the % chance of getting a specific class or rarity?

The summoning page will show a percent chance once you add class / rarity stones.

WIll the rarity of my summoning Anitos have an impact in the results?

Yes. The higher your Anito rarity, the higher the chances there are of getting the desired class. You will be able to see the % chance in the summoning page.

Once an Anito uses up all its summons, can this be reset?

No it cannot. Summon responsibly!

Can the summoning class combinations dictate the class outcome?

No it is completely random. To increase the chances for a particular class, you will need a class stone.

How does the 25% stat increase work?

The stat increase is rounded down. This is meant to min-max Anitos with inherent traits. Remember that Siyokoy will always have high DEF, Tikbalang and Sarangay have high HP, and Kiwig has high ATK. It would be best to use the stones knowing this. The stat stones have no control over RNG (random number generator) for base stats so if you roll a 1 ATK, a 25% increase rounded down is still 1 point. Be forewarned!

What currency will be used to purchase stones?

Players will need both $LARO and $GINTO to summon.

Do stones drop in the game?

No. They can only be bought.

The card background color of the currently summoning Anito is green. Does this mean it's common?

No. We will adjust this in the future to avoid confusion.

I remember seeing a summon count for Duende. I thought they can't summon?

This is a visual bug. We will fix this.

How can you summon a Tiyanak?

0.5% base chance per summon

+0.5% per legendary

+% per previous summon

0 / 3 = +2% (PER ANITO)

1 / 3 = +1%

2 / 3 = +0.5%

Class stone negates Tiyanak chance

Total Tiyanak population is capped at 999

Example: If I have 2 Anitos with 0/3 summons, the chance for Tiyanak is 2% + 2% = 4% chance.

Are there gas fees for the transaction?

Please be advised when executing an exchange, your Perlas will be automatically deducted and be held if you decide to cancel the transaction. You may retry the transaction anytime as you wish but you will not be able to cancel and refund the Perlas

Estimated gas fee per transaction is at 0.00038 BNB to 0.00046 BNB, please make sure to have BNB in your wallets when deciding to execute an exchange

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