Anito Marketplace

The Anito Marketplace is the one-stop venue to buying and selling Anito collectibles starting Feb 2 2023 after routine maintenance. New players can purchase Anitos from this Marketplace. They will need at least 3 to start playing.

Marketplace Listing Mechanics

  • Anitos lose their friendship progress (hearts) and charm slots once listed. All of these are reset to zero once listed. If a listing is cancelled and the collectible is returned to the owner, the progress is still lost. Be 100% sure when listing!

  • Players can list in either BUSD or $LARO. Platform fees are 3% for $LARO and 5% for BUSD

  • Please have some BNB in your wallet to account for gas fees

We are also on OpenSea

For those that want to trade via OpenSea, we have created official accounts here:

Anito -

Duende -

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