Valentine's Update (Feb 2023)

Happy Valentine’s Day, AnitoFam! Today’s update is a love letter to players who have been with us for a while. Thanks to the community’s bug reporting, we were able to fix the login issues for players with more than 18 Anitos. We have also raised the maximum level to 30, which means that players can also farm a maximum of 30 $GINTO a day, which is a HUGE deal for those with ‘Play and Earn’ activated.

That, and other surprises in the changelog.

What’s new in version 1.0.1?

  1. Valentine’s update! From Feb 14 to 19, players will be able to unlock new seasonal equipment! As a thank you to our Community volunteers, we have named some of the new equipment after them:

— Wowie’s Heartbreaker — Heavy weapon, ATK: 6–9, WT: 180, 15% confuse chance, splash damage

— Zega’s Heartseeker — Long weapon, ATK: 3–6, DEF: 1–3, WT: 30, 15% confuse chance

— NewMhie’s Fandango — Short weapon, ATK: 3–5, WT: 100, 25% confuse chance, hits a random opponent

— Giorno’s Enchantment — Staff, ATK: 3–5, WT: 160, 35% confuse chance, ult: confuse all

— Be Mine — Shield, DEF: 5–7, WT: 80, +15% block chance, confuse on block

— Balak sa Gugma — Book, WT: 100, +15% confuse chance to entire Team

— Lakapati’s Mantle — Shoulder Armor, DEF: 1–3, WT: 80, +20% confuse resistance

— Lakapati’s Baluti — Body Armor, DEF: 3–5, HP: 3–5, WT: 100

2. Earn x2 PERLAS during this event!

3. Earn x2 Friendship Meter during this event! Unlock those charm slots faster!

4. Player Level cap is now increased to 30! Players will now be able to cash out up to 30 $GINTO daily.

5. New food item: Tablea (high resale value, everyone’s favorite food)

6. New ATK animations! Each class now has a unique attack animation.

7. QoL: Added Inventory counter on Player HUD

8. QoL: Mumu now displays the current exchange rate for PERLAS to $GINTO

9. Cloudscript error fixed! Players can now hold more than 18 Anitos in their wallet/account

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