How do I start playing?
Players will need at least 3 Anitos to start playing. You can purchase them at the Anito Legends Marketplace. After connecting your Metamask wallet and purchasing your gacha boxes, you can reveal them by clicking on the Inventory tab on the marketplace browser.
Players will then need to download the game for their respective platform. Anito Legends supports PC, Mac, Android and iOS via TestFlight.
For iOS users, you will need to download TestFlight first before proceeding to download the Anito Legends client.
After launching the game, you will need to connect via Metamask wallet to begin playing. Make sure you are in the BSC Network to load your assets.
My Metamask wallet doesn't seem to connect / times out -- what do I do?
On PC and Mac, press ESC. On Android, press the back button to restart the session and reauthenticate. This will usually solve the problem. You can also ping the community managers on Discord for more help.
When will IDO / TGE start?
We are currently partnered with GemPad, DAOStarter, BSCLaunchpad and PinkSale as well as one CEX (to be unveiled soon).
When will season 1 begin?
This will begin when the token is launched as the battle pass will require this purchase
When will the scholarship system be launched?
We are targeting this by early Q1 2023.