Tower Mode
Players can go on an adventure climbing a tower and battling different computer-controlled enemies for as long as they have one Anito standing. Reaching higher levels in a tower means bigger rewards.
In Tower Mode, you simply have to climb the tower using your Anito team and beat the final tower boss which is located in the topmost floor of the tower. Each floor is guarded by enemies, which you will have to defeat in order to progress to the next floor. Enemies gradually increase in stats and become harder to defeat as you move up.
Once you embark on a Tower adventure, there is no going back. Your Anitos must stay alive as you climb up and you cannot go back to the Camp to heal or get revived. There are pitstops within the tower where you can partially heal, revive fallen Anitos or boost your Anito team stats.
Beating the final boss will give you handsome rewards, sometimes in form of NFT weapons and/or $LARO tokens, which you can use to buy content from the Anito Legends Marketplace.
Can you climb to the top of the tower and beat the tower boss?
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