Scholarship Management (PENDING)

The team is working on the concepts for how to display potential scholars so that managers will have an easier time managing their time and efficiency. Please note that nothing in the scholarship management page is final. This feature has not yet been released. Please check the updates / roadmap for more details.

A note on scholarships: The "play to earn" meta of blockchain games has been heavily exploited in the past. This model has been proven many times to be extraction-oriented and is therefore not sustainable. Anito Legends has focused more than 90% of effort in game design, putting the "fun" back in gaming. Our background is in game development, not in GameFi. Although there are mechanisms in the game, this is clearly not the focus, as many of our community members will stress. Anito Legends is not an investment opportunity. You will not get rich playing this game. We have made the digital collectibles very affordable (the price for a Duende is 5 BUSD) so that you do not need a scholarship to play. The Anito Marketplace reacts to market conditions which makes the barrier of entry very low for new players.

That being said, we will be working on scholarship systems, but this is going to be far down the priority list and may even change as we launch new features. We encourage potential scholars to "graduate" into owning their own assets, because this is the essence of what Web3 gaming -- ownership!

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