Free to Play Mode

Anito Legends is launching Free to Play. This is not a separate game. Free to Play will exist within the same Anitoverse as NFT Anitos. We are launching this new feature during the week of W3GS 2023 in Manila.

Free to Play will be accessible via a new NPC in the lobby -- look for Lambana!

Free to Play Anitos:

  • are all treated as common in rarity

  • cannot be used to summon

  • require upkeep payment to stay in your team

  • have a limit of 9 per player

  • have varying cost to hire and upkeep vary depending on stats and class with Tiyanak and Duende being the most expensive; there is no Amomongo in Free to Play

  • are not NFTs


Can I access the exchange / 'play and earn' mechanics even if I have just one Anito NFT and the rest are non-NFT Anitos?

YES. You will only need at least one NFT to access 'play and earn' at Level 20.

How do I maintain the free Anitos?

The Anitos in F2P need PERLAS for upkeep. If a player fails to pay the upkeep, the Anito will be unusable, as indicated by the asset turning black.

Can I get rid or reroll the free Anitos?

YES. We will have a new menu for hiring, rerolling and sending away these assets.

Can I have more than 9 free Anitos?

In the future. Right now we keep it at 9, which is the maximum you will need to access Raid Battles. Players with NFT assets can also hire up to 9 free Anitos.

How does logging in work for Free to Play?

When you login as a new player, you can boot up the game even without an Anito Legends account. The game will ask you to create an account later on once you reach Level 20. We are doing this because we want the player to experience the first 20 levels of the game without commitment. Once you register for an account (tap on Nino's chat head -- please see photo below), your "demo" data will be transferred into a regular account. Unregistered accounts do not have cross play enabled.

How does the Free to Play assets affect NFT owners?

NFT owners experience the full game with summoning, trading, exclusive zone access, and the exchange. They can also hire up to 9 Free to Play assets. This is useful if they need to bolster a current team roster with certain classes. We will be adding new features for NFT owners in the coming weeks. This is only the beginning!

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