$LARO Tokens

$LARO is the governance token and can be used to buy/sell in the Anito Legends Marketplace.

TGE - FEB 2, 2023



Governance token (BEP-20 standard)

Can be used in the Anito Legends Marketplace Buy / Sell Anito NFT


Seed Round: $0.12

Private Round: $0.15

Public Round: $0.30

$LARO serves as the game’s governance token and this means that holders will be able to highly impact their gameplay in many ways, from summoning new Anitos to join the battle for Lupa, to voting and lobbying rights that directly affect the PVP meta.

$LARO is used for the following:

NOTE: As of v1.0.4 players can buy Black Pearls using $LARO. This new in-game currency is the premium currency used for summoning, DAPP item purchase, and more.

Summoning — the breeding mechanic for Anito Legends is a summoning process called “The Rite of Ipa Tawag.” Apart from needing two Anitos to summon a new warrior, players need to spend $LARO for the summoning process. In addition, players can influence the outcome of the summon by spending more $LARO tokens to buy stones that affect class, stats, and even rarity.

Special Tower Access — as players progress, they gain access to special towers that are either co-branded with our sponsors or have rare rewards that can only be accessed in these gated towers. Players will need to spend $LARO to access these towers.

Arena Mode (PvP) Governance — holders of $LARO will be able to influence Arena Mode (PvP) tournament seasons by buffing or nerfing equipment. This can be a powerful tool to influence new team builds to shake up the meta.

Battle Pass Access — Every season brings forth a new Battlepass, where players can receive awesome and limited rewards simply by just playing the game. This Battle Pass can be bought using $LARO.

In-House Marketplace — After launching and once the genesis Anitos are consumed, $LARO will be the main currency used to buy and sell Anitos.

… and much more utility to come! Stay tuned!

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