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Anitos are basically categorized into 4 different classes: the Tikbalangs, the Sarangays, the Kiwigs and the Siyokoys.


The Kiwig were once shapeshifters, able to change their shape at will. They used to be a playful race, wild and carefree, until their ability was stolen from them. Stuck in one form, the Kiwig learned to rely on their wiles and charm to survive.
The Kiwig have high attack and are best protected by strong defenders in front.
Because they retain knowledge on how to shift their body weight to adapt to any circumstance, all Kiwig have the Weight Loss ability, which gives them -50% in equipment weight.


Despite their huge builds, the Sarangay are masters of camouflage and can easily blend into greenery. They are also excellent marksmen and accomplished cooks.
The Sarangay make for good front liners in the party because of their high HP.
Because of their sheer strength, Sarangay have Knockback, allowing them to push an enemy behind their comrade.


These scaly creatures make their homes in the deep, building vast and complex cities that no land dweller has seen. It’s believed that a Siokoy who chooses to live on land is either desperate or on the run.
Siyokoy are fast and hard hitters and make for deadly attackers.
Because of their speed and precise strikes, Siyokoy have Critical Hit, which gives them a +25% critical hit damage on all attacks


Tikbalangs are fast runners and love to race. They are naturally strong, and their muscular builds make them hard to wound. They are fierce and loyal, always fighting to protect their tribe.
The Tikbalang are great in defense and make for solid tanks to protect their allies.
Because of their sheer strength of will, Tikbalang have Resolute, which revives them after being downed in battle, with 1 HP.


These mysterious inhabitants of Lupa have joined the Anitos in recovering their sacred treasures. This new class was introduced in v0.4.6.
Because of their mysterious fungal body composition, Duende have Explode, an AoE explosion when downed, damaging foes.


The Tiyanak are rare and enigmatic. They were not part of the "Sina Una" who populated Lupa but came forth when summoned by the Rite of Ipa Tawag.
In game, the Tiyanak can only be acquired through summoning. As such, acquiring one is rare. Because of their size and element of surprise, they have an inherent Ambush ability.

Summoning Chances for Tiyanak

0.5% base chance per summon
+0.5% per legendary
+% per previous summon
0 / 3 = +2% (PER ANITO)
1 / 3 = +1%
2 / 3 = +0.5%
Class stone negates Tiyanak chance
Total Tiyanak population is capped at 999