Anito Survivors

Anito Survivors was introduced with patch v1.1.5 in September 15 2023. This mode has since been updated with v1.1.5a and v1.1.6 to address some gameplay bugs.

The introduction of Anito Survivors is the start of our vision to become more than just an autobattler. Anito Survivors is a new game mode that is accessible as early as level one for all players. Unlike the regular modes, 'Survivors' only needs one Anito NFT to play. Players control a single Anito and must voyage across the in-between world of Lupa and the underworld while dodging enemies and powering up to acquire new skills and abilities.

Similar to other game modes, Anito Survivors require in-game tickets that are replenished regularly.

For Anito Survivors v1.1.6 we would like to clarify how Anito abilities translate to this new game experience.

  • Tikbalang – Resolute: auto revive after death with 1 HP

  • Sarangay – Knockback: pushes mobs away from character when attacking

  • Siyokoy – Crit Chance: higher base damage vs mobs

  • Kiwig – Weight Loss: increased speed from the start of the round

  • Tiyanak – Magnet: pulls XP stones towards the character

  • Duende – Luck: enemies drop more XP stones, chests. and healing potions compared to other classes

  • Alan – Blink: short distance teleportation within the map

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