How to transfer Anito Collectibles to another wallet?

If you wish to transfer Anitos to another wallet address please follow these steps:

  1. Open Metamask Wallet on mobile (this will NOT WORK on desktop)

  2. Tap on Import NFTs under "Don't see your NFT?"

  3. You will need to enter the contract address of the collectibles and the Token ID.

  4. Use the following contract addresses:

Anito = 0x094d642dB64985959d0fC6fD97d42D400aB43cd8

Duende= 0xd3859fCA746e20632543400C096A67F9202e29b4


Anito - Duende -

  1. For Token ID use the token number of your Anito above its name. You can get this while logged into and viewing your inventory. (for instance if the NFT ID is "0031" then enter 0031 in the form.

  2. From there you can transfer your NFT to another wallet in the usual way.

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