Anitos have 3 simple stats, ATK (damage they can deal), DEF (additional armor/defense) and HP (health).

Innate Stats for PVE and PVP Play

Although the stats for every Anito is random, there are slight nuances as some are more suited for attack while others are better at being front line meat shields. In terms of character roles in the game, this will highly depend on the equipment (armor and weapons) that you use per Anito so you can customize your party according to how you want them to synergize. For instance, you can become very aggressive and have AoE casters to open, or you can play defense with a strong tank with life steal abilities. As you ascend the towers (or descend the dungeons) you will find many different combinations that are better suited to deal with the enemies and their damage types.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Mechanic for PVP

To add more depth and strategy, each Anito class is weak (or strong) against another. The Sarangay has 10% more ATK damage when battling against the Siyokoy. The Siyokoy has 10% more ATK damage to the Kiwig and so on. This means that a team of 3 Siyokoys will more likely have no match for a team of 3 Sarangays so plan your team composition well and always watch out for the ladder meta! You may refer to the diagram below for more details.

Equipment-Based Meta

Players can mix and match different types of equipment to mitigate Anito stat weaknesses as well as enhance their strengths. Legendary tier equipment add new dimensions of gameplay with special abilities. To balance equipment strength, equipment have a respective weight class and lighter gear allows a player to move first in battle. Heavier Anitos move last.

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