Black Pearls / Consumable Marketplace

The Marketplace, Duendel's Shop and Nino's Shop are places you can buy consumable items as well as sell your unused in-game items.

Black Pearls Economy Rework

As of v1.0.4 all consumable items will be purchasable using Black Pearls. This is part of the new economy rework to help players mitigate gas fees. Black Pearls can be bought with $LARO and / or $GINTO as bundles.

Meet Nino, the Merchant

Players may spend a significant portion of their time off-battle in this shop screen as they can mix and match equipment to build a party with synergizing skills. Players can also sell of their discarded items for Perlas.

Duendel, The Special Merchant

Every Tuesday and Friday (GMT+8) from 9AM to 9PM, a special shop keeper makes an appearance in the game lobby. Players can spend currency to exchange for rare crafting materials and other perks.

As of v0.5.0, Duendel will now sell rare crafting materials. Other items have been moved to the Consumable Marketplace.

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