Lunar New Year Update (January 2023)

The Lunar New Year Update was released on January 16 2023. The update features new crafting equipment that focuses on class-specific items, the new "cleanse" mechanism, and a new Adventure Mode boss.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! The Lunar New Year event will run from January 16 to Feb 8, 2023!

During this period, players will be able to craft and collect new equipment. We are also introducing new mechanics and new NPCs into the game!

New Mechanics: A. Class-specific weapons — Some weapons can only be equipped by certain Anito classes. B. Cleanse — Equipment that removes status effects from other Anitos. C. New Equipment:

  • Garlic Mace — (Sarangay only) ATK: 5–7, +10% evasion, deals splash damage

  • Leap — (Tikbalang only) ATK: 6–8, +10% evasion, ambush

  • Listen — (Siyokoy only) ATK: 4–6, +10% evasion, lifesteal

  • Jade Rabbit Staff — (Kiwig only) ATK: 4–6, +10% evasion, removes all status effects from one random party member with each attak

  • Lucky Band — (Duende only) Shield, +20% evasion, adds a random stat boost to wielder: +10 ATK, +10 DEF or +10 HP (still capped at MAX 25)

  • Ceremonial Vest — Body armor, DEF: 4–6, +7.5% evasion

  • Ceremonial Pauldrons — Shoulder armor, DEF: 3–5, +5% evasion, +50% burn resistance

  • Jade Rabbit Vest — Body armor, DEF: 4–6, +7.5% evasion

  • Jade Rabbit Pauldrons — Shoulder armor, DEF: 3–5, +5% evasion, +50% sleep resistance

We have a new boss that you can encounter during Tower runs! This is the Hwacha Lumot!

The Hwacha Lumot is a permanent addition to Adventure Mode (PvE), so don’t worry about missing out. :)

Arena and Raid Ticket Drops

We’ve Added Arena and Raid ticket drops to Boss Towers in Adventure Mode (PvE).

Food for the Duendes

Yes, you can now feed the Duendes! From the Lobby, just choose the food icon from the character menu and give it a try! Feeding will earn half a heart and allow players to easily level up the Anitocare meter. Food items that can be fed include Taho (Legendary), Turon, Castanas, and Puto.

New Loading Screen


  1. Players can now view their current Battle Points score from the Arena Menu.

  2. Fixed bug where Victory/Defeat text was missing from the popups.

  3. Fixed bug on fast forward option during Anito battle.

  4. More cloud API optimizations.

  5. Minor in-game optimizations (to fix crashing on some devices).

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