Anito Care / Charm System

Outside battle, Anito NFT's can be trained to unlock Charm Slots, with other benefits coming in the future.

Each Anito has a unique friendship meter which you can fill up by earning hearts for your Anito daily.

You can earn hearts for your Anito by performing tasks and quests. Completing three hearts daily through these tasks increase the Anito Care meter. Higher tier Anito NFT's can unlock Charm Slots faster:

Common Anitos: 30 days

Epic Anitos: 20 days

Legendary Anitos: 10 days

Charm Slots

Charms are items that add more depth to both Adventure and Arena modes. All Anitos will have three unlockable slots for charms.

Charms have 5% drop rate in Adventure Mode Boss Battles and Epic Anito Quests. Charms are treated as regular equipment, you can access them via the Equip Screen, view your Charms inventory in Nino’s Shop and also sell them for PERLAS. As of build 0.4.3 there are 6 different charms available to equip.

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