$GINTO Tokens
$GINTO is the reward token for Anito Legends. These are normally rewarded to players in the single player and multiplayer mode.
Reward token features
Can be rewarded by playing the single player and multiplayer modes
Can be used for breeding Anitos
Can be used for crafting/fusing weapons
Burning Mechanic
$GINTO tokens will have an in-game burn mechanic. For instance, this token can be consumed to craft high tier weapons and equipment, used as payment to enter special dungeons / tournaments for special rewards, and conveniently auto-farm dungeon rewards to save time. There will be more features added as the game releases new updates.
After the P2E features are implemented, there will be an in-game converter of Pearls to $GINTO that will have a dynamic conversion rate.
Last modified 22d ago
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